Below the Radar 27, The Wire

“they didn’t speak much surrendering themselves to their intuitions …”

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The result of Shepherds of Cats’ collaboration with Ayako Ogawa landed this month in the Wire’s edition of Below the Radar 27, which is a series of specially commissioned live studio sessions featuring a variety of groups and musicians drawn from feral fringes of the outsider/underground music communities.

This piece comes from the album “Ayako Ogawa & Shepherds of Cats & Vj Pietrushka”, published by Fanfare and is available here:

Günter Heinz & Shepherds of Cats + VJ Pietrushka

08 Gunter Heinz_Shepherds of Cats

Dear All, we are back after summer holidays with the concert in Wroclaw at Osrodek Postaw Tworczych. We are very excited because Günter Heinz will be joining us again. We played concert in OPT almost exactly two years ago. In the meantime, our album with Günter was released by Tombed Visions Records so it is time for improvised celebration. VJ Pietrushka, our video magician is also joining us so come along for this special event.


Friday 10 November 2017 – 20:00, tickets: 15/20 PLN

Osrodek Postaw Tworczych, ul. Dzialkowa 15, Wroclaw, Poland


Trombonist and clarinettist, for years involved in german contemporary and improvised music scene.  He studied mathematics in Halle and later music in Dresden and Berlin. He colaborated with such musicians as Bernd Koeppen, Kent Carter, Bill Elgart, Michael Lytle, Günter Müller, Klaus Koch, Lou Grassi, Hartmut Dorschner, Günter Baby Sommer, Stephen Montague, Malcolm Goldstein, Steve Swell czy George Cremaschi. His compositions have been performed in Moscow, Madrid, Florida, Malta.ünter_Heinz


Back to the future with Shepherds of cats, David McLean and VJ Pietrushka

The Shepherds of cats tour starts in less then 2 weeks and we are very exciting to bring with us new album recorded with David McLean in Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych during our concert in February this year. Vj Pietrushka behind the visual wheels made his moving images into real magic show. Watch a taste of sonic flavours that soon you will be able to experience for yourselves. You can find out more details of the tour here and on our fanpage.

Shepherds of Cats + Vj Pietrushka concerts in Germany and England, July 2017


The story of Shepherds of Cats & Vj Pietrushka on tour July 2017 goes like this. Driving rented van via autobahn, they arrive in Bonn to play first concert at Kreuzung an St. Helena on Monday 17th July and then in Das Gespinst in Essen on the next day. Following moderate rythms, waves and squeaks on radio, they hunt for new sounds and bubbles in a bottom of nothing all the way via transeurochannel, until their synchornized watches and calendars allow them to combine instruments with David McLean of Tombed Visions Records in London in the only Cafe Oto on 19th July. Ride into semiotic essence of squirrel  will take them into MK Gallery in Milton Keynes (20th July) and Centrala in Birmingham (21st July). After collecting other passengers on the way of this sonic ride, they will emerge into a corridor which bore no relation to what they expect, or at least into the following places: Fuse Art Space in Bradford (22nd July) with Beatrix Ward-Fernandez and Isnaj Dui , into Kazimier Garden in Liverpool (23rd July) and with Lauren Bolger into Peer Hat in Manchester (24th July). Being here and there, their calculations of tangents & cotangents should give them right coordinates to end up under The Evening Star in Brighton on 25th July. From this point onwards, three of the Shepherds will carry on slowly walking through the bubblegum interior to Blue Fabrik in Dresden on 27th July and to Kirche Kleinwaltersdorf in Freiberg on 28th July to finalize this improvising adventure with legendary trombonist Günter Heinz.

Shepherds of Cats & VjPietrushka on Tour, July 2017


We are getting closer to our second tour, mid July 2017, during which we will perform concerts in Germany and UK. Starting in Germany together with VJ Pietrushka, we will provide you with audio visual improvised performances. During concerts in UK, we will be joined by our friend David McLean, Manchester based Multi-Instrumentalist, Improviser and founder of Tombed Visions Records. In Bradford (Fuse Art Space), Beatrix Ward-Fernandez, UK based violinist and theremin player will join our performance. Lauren Bolger, UK based poet will share with us her voice during concert in Manchester (The Peer Hat). For the last two concerts in Germany, Adam, Jan and Olek will be joined by our friend Günter Heinz, legendary trombonist who we recorded our first CD album with. So, all sounds very exciting and the clock is ticking! Meantime, you can visit our fan-page to get quick overview of what is on the horizon and to be up to date with the events. Here, we list dates and venues of the coming concerts:

17 Jul (mon), Kreuzung an St. Helena, Bonn, Germany

18 Jul (tue), Das Gespinst, Essen, Germany

19 Jul (wed), Cafe OTO, London, UK

20 Jul (thr), MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK

21 Jul (fri), Centrala, Birmingham, UK

22 Jul (sat), Fuse Art Space, City of Bradford, UK

23 Jul (sun), Kazimier Garden, Liverpool, UK

24 Jul (mon), The Peer Hat, Manchester, UK

25 Jul (tue), The Evening Star, Brighton, UK

27 Jul (thr), Blaue Fabrik, Dresden, Germany

28 Jul (fri), Kirche Kleinwaltersdorf, Freiberg, Germany

In preparation for the tour, we recorded material for two CD albums. Our first CD album with Günter Heinz, already released is availble on Tombed Visions Records. The upcoming second CD realease of Shepherds of cats & David McLean (2xCD) is currently in the final stage. Graphics on both albums have been in hands of Lewis McLean.




Recently released album by Fanfare label was recorded during the improvised sessions with Ayako Ogawa that took place in May 2016 at OPT Wroclaw, Poland. Vj Pietrushka created stunning visuals during the concert on the final day of our recordings.

Limited edition, only 100 copies available so be quick and get your copy!


05 Butoh Techno

Sunday 7 May 2017 – 20:00, tickets: 15 PLN

Osrodek Postaw Tworczych, ul. Dzialkowa 15, Wroclaw, Poland

Audio visual movement planned-improvised performance directed by Filip Zawada i Jan Fanfare featuring:

  • Butoh dance
  • experimental cinema
  • japanese-polish techno
  • improvised music

Butoh dancer Tukasa Kamidate and vocalist/pianist Aya Ogawa are visiting Poland in April during her short European tour. They will play live event in colaboration with Shepherds of Cats, Vj Pietrushka, Mariae Smiarowska, Filip Zawada and Matylda Gerber. The Butoh performance will be accompanied by live improvised music and visuals.

Pianist, educator and artist Aya Ogawa lives in Hakodate, Hokkaido. She has played the piano since 1968, has been involved in theatre since 1970 and while working as an educationalist has continued to write songs, organize poetry readings and publish original picture books. These experiences inform her improvisations, which include work with Sabu Toyozumi, Peter Brotzmann, Deku Ogawa and Butoh dancers Hal Tanaka and Tukasa Kamidate.

Butoh dancer from the northern Japanese city of Sapporo, Hokkaido. Between 2010 and 2013, she studied and performed with Kayo Mikami at Torifune Butoh-Sha school. From 2014, after returning to Hokkaido, she is studing with Hal Tanaka, a leading performer of Hoppo Butoh, or northern school of Butoh. She has collaborated with the acclaimed dancer Yuko Yuki and regularly performs solo.

International actor, singer, performer, nomad, collector of experiences, songs, and feelings. She came to Wroclaw to train with Song of the Goat Theatre. Before that, her theatrical and artistic path led her via Krakow, Montréal, Paris, Madrid, London, Edinburgh and Dublin. She is currently based in Wroclaw where she leads workshops connecting body and voice. Here, she also collaborates as an actor and singer with various artistic collectives including the Jubilo Foundation and IP Group, as well as working on her own performance projects.

Composer and saxophone player from Wroclaw, Poland. She is a regular to the jazz scene in her hometown as well as London, where she participated in projects such as London Improvisers Orchestra, Skronk and Exploratorio. Matylda also spearheads two musical projects in London, which focus on mixing compositions with free-jazz improvisations. In 2015, Matylda played at the esteemed Jazztopad Festival in her native city after which she was featured in the music portal All About Jazz. Establishing her career with the band Kolega Doriana, the group released an album in 2015 to positive reviews from The Free Jazz Collective as well as Redbull Tour de Polonia.

Very good year of 1975, writer, poet, musician, photographer, performer, film director and art cinema actor, photography teacher at Osrodek Postaw Tworczych and archer (2014, Polish Cup and Polish Champion in Field Archery).