Shepherds of Cats is a quartet formed in early 2014. Having instant and strong understanding, they explore the outer limits of good taste and push the limits of what should be considered as acceptable. Their attention to detail is impeccable and have created a deep trust to support each other in the most obscure and ridiculous tangents. Using improvisation as their working method, they create sonic stories and worlds, drenched in incredulity of their own existence. As their compositions are created live, they may suspend time along with other senses including good taste. They hunt and gather sounds only to re-appropriate them in sometimes inappropriate manners. However, they are well mannered and have shame but no ego. Shepherds of Cats colaborate closely with visual magician Vj Pietrushka who experiments live with moving images to create abstract spaces filled with the sonic presence of the band and vibrant curiosity of the audience.


Shepherds of Cats are:

Adam Webster: cello, voice, loops

Aleksander Olszewski: ethnic percussion, reeds, voice

Dariusz Blaszczak: synths, loops, gongs, singing bowls, usable objects

Jan Fanfare: guitar, loops, clavinet D6, piano, harmonics, voice

Vj Pietrushka aka Maciek Piatek: video processing