Markus Wenninger & Filip Zawada & Shepherds of Cats + Vj Pietrushka


Audio-visual improvised performance featuring:

  • archery and video art
  • premiere of ‘Sky Nocturne’, music miniature written by Khoi Dang for soprano clarinet solo
  • To Storm’ for sopranino clarinet written by Frederick Kojevnikov
  • world premiere of Naturalinee 2 video scores by Joe Pignato

Sunday 21 February 2016 – 20:00, tickets: 10/15/20 PLN

Osrodek Postaw Tworczych, ul. Dzialkowa 15, Wroclaw, Poland


Born in solid year of 1969, german flutist and clarinettist, as well as didgeridoo and shakuhachi*  player, archer. Founder of The Nora Volkova Ensemble, music enterprise orientated on unconventional and avangarde colaborations in all areas of art. Marcus will also perform solo. Khoi Dang, ‘Sky Nocturne’ written in 2014 for soprano clarinet solo dedicated to Markus Wenninger – premiere and ‘To Storm’ for sopranino clarinet written by Frederick Kojevnikov in 2015 dedicated to Markus.

*traditional japanese flute


Very good year of 1975, writer, poet, musician, photographer, performer, film director and art cinema actor, photography teacher at Osrodek Postaw Tworczych and archer (2014, Polish Cup  and Polish Champion in Field Archery).

Günter Heinz & Shepherds of Cats

Gunter Heinz_Shepherds of Cats_poster_cmyk.eps

Sunday 22 November 2015 – 20:00, tickets: 15/20 PLN

Osrodek Postaw Tworczych, ul. Dzialkowa 15, Wroclaw, Poland


Trombonist and clarinettist, for years involved in german contemporary and improvised music scene.  He studied mathematics in Halle and later music in Dresden and Berlin. He colaborated with such musicians as Bernd Koeppen, Kent Carter, Bill Elgart, Michael Lytle, Günter Müller, Klaus Koch, Lou Grassi, Hartmut Dorschner, Günter Baby Sommer, Stephen Montague, Malcolm Goldstein, Steve Swell czy George Cremaschi. His compositions have been performed in Moscow, Madrid, Florida, Malta.

Shepherds of Cats – Concert in the dark


Friday 16 October 2015 – 00:00 (3hrs event), FREE

Osrodek Postaw Tworczych ul. Dzialkowa 15, Wrocław, Poland

We would like to invite you for our special 3 hour concert on Friday, 16 October. We gather together to perform at night and in the dark. Get yourself warm cloth, sleeping mat and sleeping bag and possibly pillow. We start at midnight and it is important you get to OPT at 23:45 latest. Due to special character of this event, unfortunately late comers will not be allowed. There is limited space in the concert room, therefore there is a limited number of tickets available  – we recommend to get in touch directly via fanfarefanfare .

Look at the event rather as a sonoristic journey into unknown as we do not know how it unrolls over the night. Sounds reaching you from different directions, gentle electronic scratches behind your head, prolonged vibrations of gongs and tibetan bowls, chimes wishpering into your ears. Reeds, percussions, cello and other acustic instruments that happen to be there will be used in very unconventional way to create this night journey.

Shepherds of Cats – Concert in Macondo


Tuesday 8 September 2016 – 19:00, tickets: 10 PLN

Fundacja Rozwoju Kultury i Sztuki Macondo, Pomorska 19, Wroclaw, Poland

“We play improvised music, full of unexpected and newly created combinations of sounds, generated by variety of acustic instruments and daily objects. You will hear instruments such as cello, ethnic percussions, flutes, tibetan singing bowls, porcelain bells, clavinet or reeds. The music you will hear is very dynamic and colourful, you may discover meditative moments and then noise or some formal destruction. Sometimes we may think we get close to music concrete and sometimes we think of sonoristic experiments, redefining the use of instruments. Therefore, you may expect that cello will become a source of sound of an engine of a spinning washing machine and flutes sounds of chirping birds”

Shepherds of Cats:

Adam Webster: cello, voice

Aleksander Olszewski: ethnic percussions, flutes and other wind instruments

Jan Fanfare: calvinet D6, harmonica, voice

Dariusz Błaszczak: tibetan bowls, porcelain bells, less precised usable objects

TOWARDS THE MARGINS #28 featuring Shepherds of Cats

Towards The Margins is a show dedicated to improvised music, with a focus on the non idiomatic. It is presented by Shaun Blezard and is brought to you by ODD7 recordings. Shows feature the best in improvised music plus interviews and sessions from some of the worlds best improvisers.

Brought to you by ODD7 recordings every Sunday between 10pm & 11pm UK

Shepherds of Cats in BRZUCH

shepherds in BRZUCH

14 Listopad 2014 – 19:00, bilety 10zl

BRZUCH Centrum Trawienia Wizji, Białoskórnicza 26, 50-134 Wroclaw, Poland

BRZUCH is a space where craft and creative activities penetrate, allowing for deeper reflection on the role of human in nature and society.


Adam Webster: cello, voice, loops

Aleksander Olszewski: ethnic drums, reeds, flutes

Jan Fanfare – clavinet D6, harmonics, loops, voice

Intuitively bond trio, exploring the outer limits of good taste and pushing the limits of what should be considered as acceptable. Their compositions are created in real time, though time like good taste and other senses may be suspended. They play with no plan and the potential audience as well as musicians themselves may be higlhy surprised with the final outcome of the performance.