Music is in spaces between sounds so paradoxically music is where there is no music. I can see sounds in colours, hence music is always connected with colours to me. Vj Pietrushka fills perfectly those spaces with his live video editing. It is like hanging baubles in different coloured shapes on Christmas tree that we have just brought from the wood. Shepherds of Cats concerts are audiovisual spectacles where sounds and moving images generated by Vj Pietrushka and are integral part of the band performance.” Jan Fanfare

After all those months we are back on the stage and we cannot wait to play again! Unfortuntely, our synthesizer operator Dariusz Blaszczak will not be with with us in person on the night but he will be joining us live from his home where he will be transmitting his sounds over the network to Wrocław!

See you in Uczulenie in Wroclaw (Poland) 19 June 2022.

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