Shepherds of Cats & VjPietrushka on Tour, July 2017


We are getting closer to our second tour, mid July 2017, during which we will perform concerts in Germany and UK. Starting in Germany together with VJ Pietrushka, we will provide you with audio visual improvised performances. During concerts in UK, we will be joined by our friend David McLean, Manchester based Multi-Instrumentalist, Improviser and founder of Tombed Visions Records. In Bradford (Fuse Art Space), Beatrix Ward-Fernandez, UK based violinist and theremin player will join our performance. Lauren Bolger, UK based poet will share with us her voice during concert in Manchester (The Peer Hat). For the last two concerts in Germany, Adam, Jan and Olek will be joined by our friend Günter Heinz, legendary trombonist who we recorded our first CD album with. So, all sounds very exciting and the clock is ticking! Meantime, you can visit our fan-page to get quick overview of what is on the horizon and to be up to date with the events. Here, we list dates and venues of the coming concerts:

17 Jul (mon), Kreuzung an St. Helena, Bonn, Germany

18 Jul (tue), Das Gespinst, Essen, Germany

19 Jul (wed), Cafe OTO, London, UK

20 Jul (thr), MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK

21 Jul (fri), Centrala, Birmingham, UK

22 Jul (sat), Fuse Art Space, City of Bradford, UK

23 Jul (sun), Kazimier Garden, Liverpool, UK

24 Jul (mon), The Peer Hat, Manchester, UK

25 Jul (tue), The Evening Star, Brighton, UK

27 Jul (thr), Blaue Fabrik, Dresden, Germany

28 Jul (fri), Kirche Kleinwaltersdorf, Freiberg, Germany

In preparation for the tour, we recorded material for two CD albums. Our first CD album with Günter Heinz, already released is availble on Tombed Visions Records. The upcoming second CD realease of Shepherds of cats & David McLean (2xCD) is currently in the final stage. Graphics on both albums have been in hands of Lewis McLean.



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