Shepherds of Cats + Vj Pietrushka concerts in Germany and England, July 2017


The story of Shepherds of Cats & Vj Pietrushka on tour July 2017 goes like this. Driving rented van via autobahn, they arrive in Bonn to play first concert at Kreuzung an St. Helena on Monday 17th July and then in Das Gespinst in Essen on the next day. Following moderate rythms, waves and squeaks on radio, they hunt for new sounds and bubbles in a bottom of nothing all the way via transeurochannel, until their synchornized watches and calendars allow them to combine instruments with David McLean of Tombed Visions Records in London in the only Cafe Oto on 19th July. Ride into semiotic essence of squirrel  will take them into MK Gallery in Milton Keynes (20th July) and Centrala in Birmingham (21st July). After collecting other passengers on the way of this sonic ride, they will emerge into a corridor which bore no relation to what they expect, or at least into the following places: Fuse Art Space in Bradford (22nd July) with Beatrix Ward-Fernandez and Isnaj Dui , into Kazimier Garden in Liverpool (23rd July) and with Lauren Bolger into Peer Hat in Manchester (24th July). Being here and there, their calculations of tangents & cotangents should give them right coordinates to end up under The Evening Star in Brighton on 25th July. From this point onwards, three of the Shepherds will carry on slowly walking through the bubblegum interior to Blue Fabrik in Dresden on 27th July and to Kirche Kleinwaltersdorf in Freiberg on 28th July to finalize this improvising adventure with legendary trombonist Günter Heinz.

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