Shepherds of Cats – Concert in the dark


Friday 16 October 2015 – 00:00 (3hrs event), FREE

Osrodek Postaw Tworczych ul. Dzialkowa 15, Wrocław, Poland

We would like to invite you for our special 3 hour concert on Friday, 16 October. We gather together to perform at night and in the dark. Get yourself warm cloth, sleeping mat and sleeping bag and possibly pillow. We start at midnight and it is important you get to OPT at 23:45 latest. Due to special character of this event, unfortunately late comers will not be allowed. There is limited space in the concert room, therefore there is a limited number of tickets available  – we recommend to get in touch directly via fanfarefanfare .

Look at the event rather as a sonoristic journey into unknown as we do not know how it unrolls over the night. Sounds reaching you from different directions, gentle electronic scratches behind your head, prolonged vibrations of gongs and tibetan bowls, chimes wishpering into your ears. Reeds, percussions, cello and other acustic instruments that happen to be there will be used in very unconventional way to create this night journey.