Shepherds of Cats – Concert in Macondo


Tuesday 8 September 2015 – 19:00, tickets: 10 PLN

Fundacja Rozwoju Kultury i Sztuki Macondo, Pomorska 19, Wroclaw, Poland

“We play improvised music, full of unexpected and newly created combinations of sounds, generated by variety of acustic instruments and daily objects. You will hear instruments such as cello, ethnic percussions, flutes, tibetan singing bowls, porcelain bells, clavinet or reeds. The music you will hear is very dynamic and colourful, you may discover meditative moments and then noise or some formal destruction. Sometimes we may think we get close to music concrete and sometimes we think of sonoristic experiments, redefining the use of instruments. Therefore, you may expect that cello will become a source of sound of an engine of a spinning washing machine and flutes sounds of chirping birds”

Shepherds of Cats:

Adam Webster: cello, voice

Aleksander Olszewski: ethnic percussions, flutes and other wind instruments

Jan Fanfare: calvinet D6, harmonica, voice

Dariusz Błaszczak: tibetan bowls, porcelain bells, less precised usable objects