Markus Wenninger & Filip Zawada & Shepherds of Cats + Vj Pietrushka


Audio-visual improvised performance featuring:

  • archery and video art
  • premiere of ‘Sky Nocturne’, music miniature written by Khoi Dang for soprano clarinet solo
  • To Storm’ for sopranino clarinet written by Frederick Kojevnikov
  • world premiere of Naturalinee 2 video scores by Joe Pignato

Sunday 21 February 2016 – 20:00, tickets: 10/15/20 PLN

Osrodek Postaw Tworczych, ul. Dzialkowa 15, Wroclaw, Poland


Born in solid year of 1969, german flutist and clarinettist, as well as didgeridoo and shakuhachi*  player, archer. Founder of The Nora Volkova Ensemble, music enterprise orientated on unconventional and avangarde colaborations in all areas of art. Marcus will also perform solo. Khoi Dang, ‘Sky Nocturne’ written in 2014 for soprano clarinet solo dedicated to Markus Wenninger – premiere and ‘To Storm’ for sopranino clarinet written by Frederick Kojevnikov in 2015 dedicated to Markus.

*traditional japanese flute


Very good year of 1975, writer, poet, musician, photographer, performer, film director and art cinema actor, photography teacher at Osrodek Postaw Tworczych and archer (2014, Polish Cup  and Polish Champion in Field Archery).