Shepherds of Cats in BRZUCH

shepherds in BRZUCH

14 Listopad 2014 – 19:00, bilety 10zl

BRZUCH Centrum Trawienia Wizji, Białoskórnicza 26, 50-134 Wroclaw, Poland

BRZUCH is a space where craft and creative activities penetrate, allowing for deeper reflection on the role of human in nature and society.


Adam Webster: cello, voice, loops

Aleksander Olszewski: ethnic drums, reeds, flutes

Jan Fanfare – clavinet D6, harmonics, loops, voice

Intuitively bond trio, exploring the outer limits of good taste and pushing the limits of what should be considered as acceptable. Their compositions are created in real time, though time like good taste and other senses may be suspended. They play with no plan and the potential audience as well as musicians themselves may be higlhy surprised with the final outcome of the performance.