SHEPHERDS OF CATS + Vj Pietrushka AND GUESTS Mateusz Rybicki, Hubert Kostkiewicz

We are thrilled to announce a new gig coming in December. It will be a special evening and we will be joined by our guests Mateusz Rybicki and Huber Kostkiewicz. The concert will take place on December 10, in WYSPA TAMKA (Wroclaw).

Mateusz Rybicki is a free improviser playing clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone and sometimes he also uses his voice. He currently lives and works in Wrocław. His inspirations include African-American free jazz, European improvised music as well as contemporary and baroque music, minimalism, ethnic and traditional music. He collaborated with such artists as: Axel Doerner, Tristan Honsinger, Antonio Borghini, Peter Brotzmann, Steve Noble, Adam Pultz Melbye, Harrijorstrom, Noid, Matija Schelander, Mark Tokar, Piotr Damasiewicz, Gerard Lebik, Trzaska, Wacław Zimpel, Paweł Szpura , Dominik Wania, Maciej Obara, Irad Mezliah.

Huber Kostkiewicz is a guitarist of the band Kurws with whom he played several hundreds of concerts and released three albums so far. Recently, he also started playing the ATOL ATOL ATOL. Apart from playing with the bands, he also gives vent to his fascination with concrete, electroacoustic and improvised music. He is looking for interesting articulations, which result from manual limitations, performance or recording imperfections. He usually makes his search with an electric guitar, but he also uses acoustic instruments, processed field recordings and/or dub mix.

Maciek Piatek has specially created the poster for that evening.


In February 2016, Shepherds of Cats performed extraordinary concert with Markus Wenninger that included premiere of Naturalinee 2 video scores by American composer Joe Pignato, video art by VJ Pietrushka and live archery. Priori to that event, the band met with Marcus in the studio over the weekend to record material for an album that awaited daylight until now. Marcus Wenninger is a German flutist and clarinettist, as well as didgeridoo and shakuhachi player and archer. Founder of The Nora Volkova Ensemble, he is orientated on unconventional and avategarde artistic collaborations. Using plethora of woodwind instruments, didgeridoo, cello, clavichord, darbuka, drum, gongs, singing bowls and daily objects, Marcus and Shepherds of Cats made improvised recordings which selection of found their way to this atmospheric album.

artwork: dark projects


Music is in spaces between sounds so paradoxically music is where there is no music. I can see sounds in colours, hence music is always connected with colours to me. Vj Pietrushka fills perfectly those spaces with his live video editing. It is like hanging baubles in different coloured shapes on Christmas tree that we have just brought from the wood. Shepherds of Cats concerts are audiovisual spectacles where sounds and moving images generated by Vj Pietrushka and are integral part of the band performance.” Jan Fanfare

After all those months we are back on the stage and we cannot wait to play again! Unfortuntely, our synthesizer operator Dariusz Blaszczak will not be with with us in person on the night but he will be joining us live from his home where he will be transmitting his sounds over the network to Wrocław!

See you in Uczulenie in Wroclaw (Poland) 19 June 2022.

There Was Something In The Cookie

The year 2021 was significant on many levels. Shepherds of Cats spent a year improvising virtually. During one of the weekly rehearsals, this song came about completely by accident. This became our contribution to the collection of Christmas-themed music. We secretly hope that it will conquer the charts – as Last Christmas once did.


If we told you that this recording should be considered one long piece rather than 6 pieces, you would quite possibly accept this. But, similarly, if we said it is six independent pieces and not one long piece, you would probably accept it maybe even more readily, especially as it is separated into 6 different pieces. However, if one of us Shepherds says you should listen to it as one piece and another says you ought to listen to it as six different pieces, where does that leave you? But then again, don’t listen to us, listen to us.

So, here you have the latest release from Fanfare Records of long awaited album and the only improvised opera, colaboration between Yashashwi Sharma and Shepherds of Cats available now on Bandcamp.

That is not all! Vj Pietrushka created promotional videoclip of the album:


Shepherds of Cats, we tried it and did it. Years ago when we met first time with Ayako Ogawa to perform improvised concert, we hardly knew at that time where that path would take us. Many years later, after all editions of Butoh Techno and taking it to international stages, we arrived at home of Butoh, in Japan to meet with our friends Mushimaru and Ayako. That was not only great travel experience and performances, but there were also feelings present that we are finally arrived here and the Butoh Techno spirit, like genie called up many years ago is now back home. The Butoh Techno 2020 officially ended with the last performance in the City of Oita. Some spectacles were recorded live and are available here:

urBANGUILD – KYOTO, JAPAN (13th February 2020)

AT HALL – OITA, JAPAN (15th February 2020)

Photo by Junpei Kurashina


Dear Friends, 

We are very happy to announce that our Butoh Techno project will have its continuation in February 2020. This time we are taking the spectacle to home of Mushimaru Fujieda and Aya Ogawa. Shepherds of Cats together with Matylda Gerber and VJ Pietrushka will join Mushimaru and Aya on series on performances in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Oita. 

Hera are details of the Japan Tour 2020

10 February 2020 Tokyo:  Koiwa BushBash

13 February 2020 Kyoto: Urbandguild

15 February 2020 Hiroshima: Cafe Teatro Abierto

16 February 2020 Oita: AT HALL

BUTOH TECHNO 2019 tour over


We were very delighted to see and collaborate with Mushimaru Fujieda, Ayako Ogawa, Matylda Gerber and Günter Heinz during this year Butoh Techno. The tour 2019 was beyond any measures and has given us strength and motivation to take Butoh Techno further. Massive thank you to everyone involved in this tour and to all people we met and who create all those marvellous venues we performed in.

We are arranging further performances and planning to release albums later on this year so check out the space for news form Shepherds of Cats.



Originated 3 years ago, audio visual spectacle BUTOH-TECHNO is back! We are inviting you to join us on this imaginary tale of man where butoh dancer and live improvising musicians are characters performing on the metaphorical stage of life. The story is told by physical poet and sound and visual artists. The dancer uses his body to tell the story of man’s falls and uprises struggling against the odds of life. Musicians take the roles of his friends and adversaries by building tension and releasing it to create obstacles and to help him overcome them. They create multilayer abstract spaces filled with improvised and techno music and live visuals.

This year, we will perform 6 spectacles, starting 10th May in Wroclaw in Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych. Here is the list of venues:

10 May (Friday): 
Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych, Działkowa 15, 50-538 Wroclaw, Poland

11 May (Saturday): 
Tkalnia, Fabryczna 13A, 65-001 Zielona Gora, Poland

12 May (Sunday): 
blaueFABRIK e.V, Eisenbahnstraße 1, Dresden-Neustadt, Germany

14 May (Tuesday):  
The Rose Hill, 70-71 Rosehill Terrace, Brighton, BN1 4JJ, UK

15 May (Wednesday): 
IKLECTIK, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane (Royal Street corner) next to Archbishop’s Park, SE1 7LG, UK

16 May (Thursday): 
Fuse Art Space5-7 Rawson Place, Bradford, BD1 3QQ, UK

Watch excerpt from the last year performance to get a taste of the spectacle